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How to Get Rid of Weed Smell

Smoking medical marijuana can help you manage the symptoms of chronic health conditions. For many people, the positive effects of cannabis enable them to regain their independence and daily functioning.

One byproduct of smoking cannabis is the unpleasant smell. Despite the evolving societal attitudes toward cannabis consumption and the drug’s expanding legal status, many people do not want their homes or themselves to smell like weed.

Don’t allow those concerns to deter you from obtaining a medical marijuana card and using medical cannabis, though. Preparation and planning can enable you to easily mask or even prevent this smell. This article covers the cause of marijuana’s odor, strategies for reducing and eliminating the smell, and common questions about masking techniques.

What Causes the Smell of Weed?

The aromatic smell of the cannabis plant comes from its terpenes, or the compounds the plant generates for pollination and defense. The terpenes give cannabis some non-psychoactive effects on mood and help the body use cannabinoids like THC and CBD.

This skunky cannabis odor stems from volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs). These natural chemicals release a displeasing odor when you smoke weed. The compounds spread with cannabis smoke, thereby filling rooms. The weed odor then lingers as the smoke dissipates and settles on walls, furniture, and other surfaces.

While studying VSCs, researchers discovered that the compound has a similar molecular structure to garlic, which has cancer-fighting effects. Despite their foul smell, scientists are further exploring if VSCs in cannabis offer any medicinal benefits that would add to marijuana’s impact on health.

How to Eliminate Weed Smell on You

The best way to prevent the smell of cannabis on your body is to use a consumption method that doesn’t create an odor. Edibles, topicals, and vape pens all deliver THC without the smell, which will save you the trouble of odor removal in the first place.

These methods work for some, but others get the optimal benefits from smoking. In that case, your best option is to smoke outdoors in a well-ventilated area. Be sure it is legal in your community to consume cannabis outdoors before you smoke. Pay attention to the wind direction to ensure the marijuana smoke wafts away rather than blows back on you.

The smoke will permeate your hair and clothing. Synthetic fibers retain more of the weed smell than natural fabrics. You can minimize the smell by budgeting time to shower and change clothes after smoking. Fabric sprays and body sprays like perfume or cologne will help mask the odor. Patchouli oil is a time-tested and organic way to cover the weed smell.

Brushing your teeth, gargling mouthwash, and chewing strong-smelling mints or gum will cover the smell of weed on your breath.

How to Prevent the Smell of Weed at Home

Smoking near an open window is the best way to prevent the weed smell in your home if you cannot or do not want to smoke outside. As long as the wind doesn’t push the smoke back in, exhaling through the window will stop the buildup of smoke in your home.

Essential oils are an effective natural way to combat the weed smell. The best method is to use a diffuser, which will put out a steady stream of vapor to mask the scent of weed. Experienced smokers recommend citrus, eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint, and sandalwood oils. You can experiment with different blends to find what works best for you.

Burning scented candles and/or incense while you smoke is another way to mask the smell of marijuana in your home. This method only covers the odor while the fragrance is burning. Once you extinguish the candle or incense, the weed smell may be noticeable.

Creating other smells can help too. Aromatic foods that fill your house, like stews or slow-cooked roasts, will displace the weed smell. The smell of burned popcorn also overtakes this marijuana odor, regardless of the cannabis strain smoked. While it’s a strong smell, it’s preferable to weed odor for many people. Even sprinkingling baking soda in smelly rooms can serve as an odor eliminator.

And, of course, you can always use an air freshener to get rid of that cannabis smoke smell and white vinegar to eliminate it from hard surfaces.

How to Mask the Smell of Weed in an Apartment or Dorm

Dorms and apartments create a different challenge because they are smaller, leading to more buildup of smoke. Opening a window and using a fan can help ventilate the room to prevent smoke accumulation. Position the fan with the air blowing outward. Exhaling toward the fan will draw smoke out of your room. Air purifiers can also help mitigate the smell in smaller spaces.

A spliff is a valuable tool that filters the smell of weed. You can purchase one or make your own using a paper towel tube, dryer sheet, and rubber bands. Secure the dryer sheet to one end of the cylinder with the rubber bands. You can then exhale the smoke through the open end. The dryer sheet will act as a filter and lessen the odor. Be sure to exhale slowly. Too much force can dislodge the sheet.

Smoking in your bathroom can isolate the smoke. Shut the door and turn on the bathroom fan. Then run the shower at its hottest setting. The steam will reduce the weed smell, and the fan will carry the vapor away.


What gets rid of weed smell instantly?

The best method is to prevent the weed smell by smoking outdoors or blowing smoke outside through an open window. If this isn’t possible, deodorizing aerosol sprays like Ozium can instantly get rid of the weed smell in the air. The odor can linger because smoke permeates surfaces and clothes.

What scent neutralizes the smell of weed?

Burning incense is the best way to neutralize the smell of weed because it has an equally distinct and strong scent. However, the neutralization lasts only as long as you burn the incense.

Cooking spicy or rich-smelling foods can also neutralize the odor for as long as the food remains fragrant.

How long does the smell of weed last in a room?

Depending on the size of the room, the extent of the ventilation, and the strain of cannabis, the smell of weed usually lasts for a few hours or more. Masking the odor with candles or oil diffusers and cleaning residue on surfaces will help reduce the smell.

How do you smoke inside without it smelling?

If possible, smoking near an open window and exhaling outside will prevent the smell from building up indoors. A spliff is an effective alternative if there is too much wind or it’s too cold. The devices filter the smoke as you exhale to lessen the intensity of its smell.

Do ceiling fans get rid of weed smell?

Ceiling fans can help get rid of the weed smell if you open a window to provide fresh air. Simply running the fan will move the smoke around as it dissipates and settles onto surfaces and fabrics. Ventilating the room while running the fan allows the pollutants to flow from the room and fresher air to move in.

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