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5 days ago Delta 8 , Marijuana

How Long for Delta 8 to Leave System?

Introduction Delta 8 THC is a psychoactive cannabinoid that is found in cannabis. The chemical is known for its pleasant euphoric effects and can be found in a variety of consumer goods that aren't subjected to the same level of...


How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Ohio

Those wanting to get a medical marijuana card in Ohio should be prepared to be patient through the process - there are many steps you need to take before you can get your hands on legal marijuana. This article will...


How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Georgia

There are currently almost 200,000 people who have registered with the state to use medical cannabis oil legally, according to records from the Department of Public Health. Applicants must be residents of Georgia and are required to pay an annual...

2 months ago Cannabis , Marijuana

When to Harvest Cannabis

Cannabis Growing Process Cannabis is known to be one of the most valuable plants in the world. It can grow outdoors or indoors, so it's very versatile. Cannabis needs 6 hours of light and 18 hours of darkness within each...