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Washington D.C. Medical Marijuana Law

Residents of Washington D.C., enjoy some of the nation’s most liberal medical marijuana use and possession laws. A comprehensive medical marijuana program has been put in place in the District of Columbia to ensure that patients can get ahold of high-grade cannabis for medical use.

Every day, patients all over the nation use medical marijuana to treat the symptoms of conditions that have an impact on their daily lives. Cannabis is often more efficient and has fewer side effects than traditional symptom management techniques.

It will be easier for you to adhere to all state laws and regulations and make the most use of medical marijuana if you have a thorough understanding of the Washington D.C. program and its laws. For more information on Washington D.C.’s medical marijuana laws, continue reading.

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Washington D.C. Medical Marijuana Law History

In 1998, Washington D.C. voters approved a measure to make medical marijuana legal. However, the U.S. Congress used financial controls to delay the program’s implementation until 2009.

The Legalization of Marijuana for Medical Treatment of 2010 Initiative was subsequently passed by the D.C. government, enabling patients to buy up to two ounces of usable cannabis every 30 days. Doctors could also recommend cannabis to patients with diagnoses from a list of approved medical conditions under the original program. Doctors could also recommend cannabis to patients with diagnoses from a list of approved medical conditions under the original program.

The D.C. Council decided in 2014 that doctors could recommend medical cannabis for any condition they thought was appropriate. The District’s purchase limit was also raised to four ounces in 2016.

As more patients reported success and there was a greater demand for medical cannabis, D.C. raised the allotment to 1,000 plants. Patients were granted the freedom to shop at any dispensary of their choice in 2018.

With this improvement, patients can experiment with a wider variety of cannabis strains and delivery systems to find the most effective treatment for their condition(s).

D.C. started allowing patients to self-certify for medical cannabis in July 2022, doing away with the requirement for a physician’s recommendation. To visit dispensaries, patients must still apply for a card, though.

Marijuana Possession Laws in Washington D.C.

Initiative 71, which legalized the possession of up to two ounces of marijuana by those over 21 in D.C., was passed in 2014. A 30-day period allows registered patients to purchase up to eight ounces of marijuana, but they are only allowed to hold two ounces at once. When you have marijuana on you, always keep your medical marijuana card with you.

In their homes, people over 21 can grow up to three mature and three immature marijuana plants. Keep an eye on where you store your marijuana in Washington D.C. It is still illegal to possess it on federal property, including national parks and government buildings.

Washington D.C. Public Consumption Laws

Both licensed patients and recreational users are not permitted to use marijuana in public. Cannabis use is prohibited in all public areas, including parks, businesses, and other gathering places.

In medical marijuana dispensaries and other healthcare facilities, cannabis use is prohibited. Adult-use cannabis cannot be consumed in a moving vehicle or in a parked car on the street, either.

Washington D.C. Cannabis DUI Laws

There is zero tolerance for drunk driving in Washington DC. If a law enforcement officer notices that a driver’s capacity to operate a motor vehicle is compromised, that person may be considered legally impaired. There is no threshold for legal intoxication and no exemption for people who use medical marijuana.

The maximum penalty for a first offense is a $300 fine and 90 days in jail. More severe penalties, such as a minimum $2,000 fine, a minimum of 10 days in jail, and a two-year license suspension, are imposed for subsequent offenses.

Applying for a Washington D.C. Medical Marijuana Card?

You might benefit from medical marijuana if you have a medical condition that produces symptoms that lower your quality of life or impair your ability to function.

Enrolling in the cannabis program in Washington D.C. gives you quick access to high-quality, tightly controlled medications that can change your life. The program is set up to increase patient confidence, safety, and comfort to the fullest.

You can get assistance from The Sanctuary with each step of the MMJ card application process. To help you decide if you are eligible for the program, our compassionate staff can first go over the guidelines and requirements.

We will then put you in touch with a qualified medical marijuana doctor who can provide advice and respond to inquiries about cannabis’ capacity to treat your symptoms.

Despite the fact that you can self-certify for medical cannabis, seeing a qualified doctor will help rule out any potential interactions and contraindications with your current therapies or medications.

After your medical marijuana evaluation, our team can give you advice on how to write a strong application to increase your chances of getting a quick approval so you can start using medical marijuana right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, there is no legal way to buy recreational marijuana, even though all residents of Washington D.C. who are over 21 are allowed to possess up to two ounces of cannabis. Through budgetary measures, the U.S. Congress has the power to obstruct and postpone the legalization of retail sales. As a result, it is impossible to forecast whether or when sales for recreational purposes will become legal.

In D.C., it is legal to own marijuana seeds, seedlings, flowers, prerolls, concentrates, edibles, vape cartridges, topical applications, tinctures, and capsules, as well as any other CBD- or THC-related products sold by a licensed dispensary. Additionally, you are allowed to grow up to three mature and three immature plants.

Only marijuana that you purchase from a dispensary is legal to possess. Each 30-day period, patients are only permitted to purchase eight ounces. While the sale of cannabis between individuals or from an unlicensed dispensary or retailer is illegal, the possession of up to two ounces of the drug is permitted.

You are allowed to keep up to two ounces of marijuana in your possession as a registered patient. However, within a rolling 30-day period, you are allowed to buy up to eight ounces of dried marijuana or its equivalent in other forms. To make sure you don’t go over the permitted amount, your dispensary will keep track of and log all of your purchases.

Any state with a comparable medical cannabis program may submit an out-of-state medical marijuana card to D.C. As of October 2022, D.C. will accept credit cards from 37 states as well as Puerto Rico. However, laws can change, so check before you go.

Federal law continues to prohibit the use of cannabis. Cannabis is still considered a Schedule I drug by the federal government, making it illegal to move it from one state to another, whether for personal or medical reasons.

Yes. In Washington DC people who have been convicted of felonies are eligible to apply for medical marijuana cards.