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Virginia Medical Marijuana Law

To improve patient access and convenience, Virginia’s lawmakers recently amended the state’s medical marijuana laws. The new laws permit residents with any medical condition to use cannabis if a licensed medical professional certifies in writing that they believe cannabis products would be beneficial for them.

The only way to legally purchase marijuana in Virginia—despite the fact that the state has passed laws for adult use—is with a doctor’s recommendation. Recreational goods are not currently for sale. Products containing CBD and Delta-9 do not count as medical-grade marijuana.

Simply obtain a written certification, go to one of the state’s many dispensaries, and use safe, high-quality cannabis to manage your symptoms. Many chronic and debilitating conditions, whose symptoms continue despite conventional medical care, can be effectively treated with medical marijuana.

You can use medical marijuana to the fullest extent allowed by law if you are aware of current regulations and recent changes to the program.

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Virginia Medical Marijuana Law History

In 2017, Virginia passed its first medical marijuana law, enabling individuals with specific types of epilepsy to treat their condition with cannabis oil in exchange for a written physician certification.

Over the following three years, patient advocates and medical professionals persisted in advocating for additional medical marijuana reform. Virginia passed a comprehensive medical cannabis program in July 2020. The state expanded the legal safeguards for patients who possess medical marijuana. They also added any diagnosis that a doctor thinks could benefit from cannabis to the list of qualifying conditions.

The amended law also permitted the sale of edibles and other medical marijuana preparations with a maximum THC content of 10 mg per dose by dispensaries.

A subsequent revision in July 2021 expanded employment protections for authorized marijuana users and allowed patients to buy marijuana flowers. Additionally, Virginia legalized the cultivation of up to four cannabis plants indoors and allowed residents to possess up to an ounce of marijuana.

Virginia eliminated the requirement that patients apply for medical marijuana cards via the Board of Pharmacy in July 2022. Patients can therefore buy medical marijuana and take advantage of their expanded rights as soon as they get their written certifications.

Marijuana Possession Laws in Virginia

Virginia has legalized marijuana, allowing residents 21 and older to carry up to one ounce of the drug in public. As long as there is no payment or exchange of goods, adults are allowed to share up to one ounce of cannabis.

You are permitted to keep up to 90 days’ worth of marijuana on you in public as a medical marijuana patient. Your 90-day supply of cannabis is calculated by the dispensary pharmacist based on the type of product and consultation.

As part of your 90-day supply, you are only permitted to buy up to four ounces of marijuana flower from medical marijuana dispensaries every 30 days.

Virginia Public Consumption Laws

Both recreational users and medical marijuana patients with written certifications are prohibited from using cannabis in public. Cannabis cannot be smoked or consumed legally outside of a private residence.

Cannabis cannot be consumed in federally subsidized housing or in national parks because both possession and use of marijuana are still prohibited under federal law. Property owners have the right to prohibit both recreational and medical marijuana use on their property. Before smoking marijuana inside a rental property, always review the terms of your lease.

Virginia Cannabis DUI Laws

In Virginia, driving while under the influence of marijuana is illegal if it impairs your judgment. Similar to alcohol, there is no threshold for marijuana intoxication. If a law enforcement officer determines you are impaired, any amount of THC is illegal.

Misdemeanor first offenses come with a $250 fine and a one-year license suspension. With each subsequent offense, the penalties get harsher until you’re facing jail time, losing your car, and having your license suspended indefinitely.

Applying for a Virginia Medical Marijuana Card?

Although you are no longer required to obtain a medical marijuana card in Virginia, you still need a written certification in order to visit dispensaries and take advantage of the increased legal protections available to patients.

Although adult possession of small amounts of cannabis is now permitted, dispensaries won’t start selling cannabis for recreational use until at least 2024. You shouldn’t use recreational marijuana to treat a medical condition’s symptoms on your own. Additionally, goods labeled as CBD or Delta-9 are not made from cannabis of a medical grade.

You can start buying marijuana from cannabis dispensaries right away once you have your certification, which functions as a medical cannabis card. Although cards are no longer required, patients can still get one if they want additional proof of their patient status.

With the help of our experienced staff, you can navigate each step of the approval procedure and receive your card after just one application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Up to one ounce of cannabis can be legally possessed out in public, and four plants can be grown indoors. However, you need a written certification in order to buy cannabis legally. Only authorized dispensaries are allowed to sell marijuana for medical use that has been tested for THC content.

Patients and caregivers are allowed to purchase and possess up to 10 mg of THC per dose of flowers, vape cartridges, prerolls, tinctures, gummies, capsules, sprays, balms, extracts, and suppositories.

Dispensaries offer a variety of cannabis strains in their product lines. To choose the product that best fits your treatment objectives and symptom profile, speak with the pharmacist.

You cannot possess other patients’ medical cannabis or cannabis that isn’t meant for your personal use.

You are allowed to keep an unlimited amount of cannabis for personal use in your residence. However, a licensed dispensary may only sell you a total of 90 days’ worth of products at once. Every 30 days, you can only buy up to four ounces of flower.

A misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $500 is possession of more than four ounces of cannabis in public without a valid written certification for medical use.

You are only permitted to keep a 90-day supply of medical marijuana that you bought from a dispensary outside of your home. Cannabis must be sealed and put in the truck, van, or SUV’s compartment that is farthest from the driver when being transported in a vehicle.

No, Virginia dispensaries do not accept cards issued by other states for medical marijuana. Due to the ongoing federal cannabis prohibition, it is unlawful to enter Virginia with marijuana from another state, even if you have a medical marijuana card.

Yes. If you have a felony conviction, you can still get a written certification from a licensed physician in Virginia.