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Your Guide to Virginia Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Virginia has a strong and expanding medical marijuana program. Patients are no longer required to register with the state for a medical marijuana card as of July 2022. To use marijuana for self-treatment, you simply need a written certification from a doctor who is listed with the Board of Pharmacy.

After receiving your certification, you are able to legally buy adult-use medical cannabis products from any dispensary with a state license. Virginia acknowledges the therapeutic benefits of cannabis and permits doctors to certify patients for any ailment for which they feel medical marijuana can be beneficial.

Cannabis may help you control the symptoms of a medical condition that negatively affects your life. Virginia is home to numerous medical marijuana dispensaries that provide easy access to life-altering medications in a secure environment. Your cannabis treatment will go more quickly if you are familiar with the prerequisites and purchasing procedure.

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Where Can You Buy Virginia Medical Marijuana?

A total of four businesses are permitted to run dispensaries across the state. In addition to in-store shopping, many locations also provide delivery services. To confirm product availability, hours, and store policies, check the website of your preferred dispensary or give them a call in advance.

Some of the best dispensaries in Virginia include:

Numerous dispensaries run promotions on particular products, have loyalty reward programs, and give seniors and veterans discounts. You can find the best dispensary for your needs by visiting several of them.

What’s it Like Buying Medical Marijuana in Virginia?

In Virginia, purchasing medical marijuana is simple and quick. You can go to any dispensary once you have your written certification. The four marijuana processors that run the dispensaries in Virginia offer various product lines.

To confirm inventory and purchase policies, you should always call the dispensary before going or look at their website. To speed up your visit, some dispensaries require you to pre-register online with your demographic data and prescription number.

When you arrive at the dispensary, a member of staff will check your written certification to make sure it is valid and your government-issued ID to confirm your identity. The dispensary is only open to clients with a written certification or approved caregivers. Without permission, visitors cannot enter facilities with children, companions, or assistants.

The pharmacist will conduct a brief consultation to determine your condition’s severity, treatment objectives, and marijuana use history. They will suggest dosages and delivery systems that might offer the most comfort. To get the best results and reduce the possibility of a bad reaction, be open and honest with the pharmacist about your symptoms.

Tips for Purchasing Medical Marijuana Products

Virginia’s marijuana laws allow for the purchase of up to a 90-day supply of the drug at once. Your pharmacist will base the allowed amount on the type of cannabis you buy, its THC content, and your written certification. Every 30 days, you are allowed to consume four ounces of flower.

It’s always best to start with the smallest dose over the longest period of time, regardless of your marijuana use history. Fortunately, products made from medical marijuana in Virginia are strictly regulated, so you can be assured of their safety and efficacy.

After your first cannabis treatment, adjust the dosage and timing in accordance with your response. Multiple doses and delivery methods may be necessary to find the treatment that works best for your symptoms.

Cannabis that can be inhaled, such as flower and vape cartridges, is consumed most quickly. When treating chronic conditions with lingering symptoms, edibles, topicals, and tinctures are preferable because they enter the bloodstream more slowly and stay there longer.

In general, sativa cannabis plant strains are energizing, and indica cannabis plant strains are calming. Dispensaries sell hybrid products that have the potential to be uplifting without causing excitability, or relaxing without being sedative.

Your reaction to different strands depends on your individual biochemistry and the way you consumed it. The pharmacist at the dispensary is your best bet for figuring out which products are most appropriate for your symptoms and medical situation.

Need Help Applying for a Virginia Medical Marijuana Card?

The Sanctuary can provide you with information to help you decide whether you qualify for medical marijuana treatment as well as updates on Virginia’s medical marijuana program. If you want to apply for an MMJ card in addition to your written certification, we can also help you with that process.

Your qualifying condition(s) can be evaluated, you can learn about the advantages of medical marijuana, and your written certificate can be issued by one of the knowledgeable medical marijuana doctors in our partner network. You can quickly, securely, and confidently become a Virginia Board of Pharmacy-approved medical cannabis patient with the assistance of The Sanctuary.

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