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Your Guide to Minnesota Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Residents of Minnesota with certain qualifying medical conditions, such as glaucoma, epilepsy, Crohn’s disease, HIV/AIDS, intractable pain, chronic pain, Tourette syndrome, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), cachexia, autism, Alzheimer’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), muscle spasms, and terminal illnesses, may use medical marijuana to treat their symptoms. If you suffer from one of these conditions, you can obtain medical marijuana tinctures, topicals, and vaporizers with a marijuana registry card, as well as CBD products.

Like states such as Colorado, New York, Pennsylvania, California, Oregon, Illinois, Alaska, Michigan, and Connecticut, Minnesota also has a generous medical marijuana program.

Marijuana used for recreational purposes is prohibited by Minnesota law. With a medical marijuana card obtained through the state’s medical marijuana program, medical cannabis is the only substance that may be bought legally. The state has strict laws and regulations governing the use of medical cannabis, but its dispensaries offer a wide range of goods for users and their legal guardians.

For new patients, going to a dispensary may seem overwhelming. The facilities, though, are regular businesses with security measures akin to those at pharmacies or other healthcare facilities.

Treatment with medical marijuana can transform your life and help you overcome debilitating medical conditions.

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Where Can You Buy Minnesota Medical Marijuana?

In Minnesota, there are 14 medical marijuana dispensaries. The Minnesota Department of Health issues licenses and maintains supervision over each facility. Strict rules govern how facilities run, where they obtain their inventory, and what products they are allowed to dispense.

The DOH has an interactive map featuring each dispensary in the state. Sites include:

With an MMJ card, you can buy Illinois medicinal cannabis from any certified dispensary in the state. Every 14 days, your medical marijuana card will allow you to obtain and possess up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis.

What’s it Like Buying Medical Marijuana in Minnesota?

Dispensaries in Illinois have been open for eight years. Their well-established norms and practices foster the relaxation of their customers. To buy products from them, simply go through their check-in process and produce a printed copy of your marijuana card as well as photo identification to validate your eligibility.

To acquire medical cannabis products in Illinois, you must be at least 21 years old. Non-residents are not permitted to enter Illinois dispensaries, cannabis businesses/retailers, or cultivation facilities. They are also not eligible to participate in the Illinois Medical Cannabis Patient Program (MCPP).

Your information will be recorded by dispensaries in compliance with the state’s purchase and possession regulations. Keep in mind that they may segregate their therapeutic items, which come in a wider range, from their recreational products.

Dispensaries are organized similarly to pharmacies. Typically, the products are exhibited behind a counter. The dispensary personnel will be on hand to assist you and to discuss the goods with you. They will only sell items derived from plants grown in accordance with strict quality and safety requirements.

Illinois dispensaries are manned by competent and trained individuals who can advise you on medical marijuana strains and delivery systems. You will receive items with clearly labeled THC and/or CBD content, manufacturer names, and terpene concentrations.

Tips for Purchasing Medical Marijuana Products

Medical marijuana patients and their approved caregivers can now visit any dispensary in Illinois, thanks to a 2020 amendment to Illinois medical marijuana policy. However, before visiting a dispensary, you should always call ahead or check their website to confirm they provide medical-grade items.

Some dispensaries only sell marijuana for recreational purposes. While you can still buy from them, their variety will be limited and their THC levels will be lower.

Most dispensaries publish daily product menus on their websites. Once you’re familiar with a certain strain and delivery method, you can check to see if it’s in stock before visiting a dispensary.

Illinois law currently prohibits the transportation of marijuana goods.

Cannabis flowers, sweets, vapes, concentrates, topical gels & creams, pre-rolls, and tinctures are all available in Illinois dispensaries. Because they are not required to stock specified products, the selection will differ at every dispensary.

You are exempt from certain sales taxes on medicinal marijuana purchases as a cardholder. In the event of cannabis shortages, Illinois prioritizes its medicinal marijuana supply as a result of in-state cultivation rules.

Need Help Applying for an Illinois Medical Marijuana Card?

The state of Illinois has revised its cannabis regulations in order to broaden access to cannabis and simplify the application process for medical marijuana cards. The state, however, does not keep a list of qualified marijuana doctors or obligate local physicians to certify individuals for medicinal marijuana.

The Sanctuary can assist you in locating a healthcare physician who can assess your qualifying condition(s) and discuss cannabis’s potential for your treatment. We can then help you obtain an Illinois medical marijuana card and submit a winning application.

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