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Florida requires medical marijuana cardholders to apply for renewal each year. You must be actively enrolled in the Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU) medical marijuana use registry by a qualified physician and submit a completed application to obtain your new card. In the state of Florida, qualified patients’ caregivers must also renew their cards annually.

Renewing on time allows you to continue purchasing medical marijuana to manage the symptoms of your qualifying medical condition. The renewal process keeps physicians accountable by preserving the doctor-patient relationship. Recertification consultations allow you to ask questions about your response to marijuana and monitor for symptom changes.

The process of applying for renewal is similar to the one patients follow to obtain their original medical cannabis cards. It can be completed online or by mail.

Read on to learn about the renewal application timeline and to pick up some tips for ensuring you can continue purchasing medical marijuana products without interruption.

Application for card renewal

When Do You Need to Renew Your Florida MMJ Card?

Your medical marijuana ID card is valid for one year. The expiration date is printed on the right side of the front of your card. Renewals may be submitted beginning 45 days before the card’s expiration date.

Renewing as soon as you become eligible ensures you avoid a lapse in your ability to purchase marijuana. Although your registry enrollment will continue, you must have a valid card to shop at dispensaries.

How to Renew Your Florida Medical Marijuana Card

You can apply for your renewal card online or by mailing a paper application to the OMMU . Florida encourages online applications because the turnaround time is faster. The required supplemental documents are the same for both methods.

Office of Medical Marijuana Use PO Box 31313 Tampa, FL 33631-3313

Address for Paper Application

You do not need to schedule a consultation with your medical marijuana doctor before renewing. You remain on the registry after your initial enrollment but must see the doctor every 210 days to obtain an active order for medical marijuana.

Submit Documents

All copies of your supportive documents must be clear and legible. Depending on your mode of application, you must upload or mail:

A completed application form. Online applicants must log in to their registry account, review the demographic information, make any necessary updates, and confirm everything is correct. Paper applicants must check “Renewal Application” on page three of the form and complete all fields.

A 2″x2″ full-face, passport-style photo taken within 90 days of submission. Online applicants may link their photograph that is on file with the DMV or upload a digital image. Mail-in applicants must include a photo with their application.

Proof of residency. Permanent residents must submit a copy of their Florida driver’s license or state ID. Seasonal residents must submit two documents certifying their residency status.

Submit Application Fee

Online applicants must pay through the OMMU portal using a credit card, debit card, or e-check. Paper applicants must mail a check with their application and list their Patient Registry ID number on the memo line. Applications will not be processed without payment.

How Much Does a Medical Marijuana Card Renewal Cost in Florida?

The renewal fee for a Florida medical marijuana card is $75. Online applicants must pay a $2.75 convenience fee to use the portal system. You cannot pay by check if you apply online. Declined or rejected payments result in a $15 service fee. As a Florida resident, you must re-submit your application and pay the application and service fees to obtain your renewal card and remain an official medical marijuana patient.

Benefits of Having a Florida MMJ Card

Your medical marijuana card is the only way to purchase marijuana in Florida. Licensed dispensaries sell high-quality products made using safely cultivated cannabis. Depending on your doctor’s recommendation, you can purchase flowers, prerolls, tinctures, topicals, vape cartridges, and extract.

Medical marijuana can help you manage the persistent symptoms of qualifying medical conditions to improve your level of day-to-day function and overall quality of life. The growing body of research shows that the THC and CBD in medical marijuana can effectively improve pain, nausea, appetite loss, and other symptoms of chronic diseases.

Doctors recognize the therapeutic value of cannabis and its ability to address symptoms that continue despite conventional interventions. Possessing a valid medical marijuana card ensures you’ll be able to find the right level of symptom control and maintain the therapeutic benefit.

Currently, there is no pending legislation regarding recreational marijuana legalization. If you have a qualifying medical condition, the safest and only legal way to manage your symptoms is with a medical marijuana card.

Renewing Your Florida Medical Marijuana Card?

The OMMU seeks to protect patients, hold doctors accountable, and preserve access to quality cannabis by requiring yearly card renewals. The Sanctuary continually monitors for updates to Florida’s medical marijuana program by the Florida Department of Health.

We can help you navigate the renewal process and assemble an accurate application that complies with current regulations. A strong submission will ensure the speediest approval of your MMJ identification card and enable you to continue treating yourself with medical marijuana.

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