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Delta 8 Distillate How to Use


The popularity of Delta 8 distillate has been growing in recent years. Delta 8 distillate is an extract from cannabis that has been purified to remove all the plant material and other contaminants. Through its production process, the compound reaches a viscous residue form that can then be used in many different ways.

Once incorporated into various types of products, Delta 8 distillate can be consumed through vaporization, smoking, ingesting, massaging into the skin, and by nasal application. It can also be used in cooking or baking and is available online as well as in dispensaries in many states.

Delta 8 THC exists naturally in cannabis plants and is chemically similar to Delta 9 THC, just not in large amounts. It is also less potent, since it contains less than 0.3% of THC. Most Delta 8 sold for consumption is actually a synthetic product. Chemists extract the Delta 8 from CBD by creating reactions with other compounds.

Using Delta 8 Distillate

Of all the types of products derived from marijuana available on the market today, distillate is among the strongest that consumers can buy. And because Delta 8 distillate offers so many ways to consume it, many potential buyers struggle with selecting the product that’s right for them, especially those new to using cannabis products.

Since Delta 8 distillate solidifies at low temperatures, it is very dense in form, appearing almost completely solid. Heat must be used to soften Delta 8 distillate until it becomes closer to a liquid in consistency.

To vape or dab using Delta 8 distillate, you will have to first thin it out using a terpene. Delta 8 distillate mixed with a terpene can be placed in a syringe for easy use. When you are ready to consume it in this form, a short, hot water soak makes the syringed Delta 8 distillate easier to dispense.

Delta 8 distillate also comes in the convenient ready-made form of disposable vape pens. These e-pens come with various types of cartridges so the consumer can customize their vaping experience. Delta 8 distillate also comes in cartridge form to be used with your own favorite vaping method.

As mentioned earlier, Delta 8 distillate can also be smoked, but it is best not to smoke it on its own because of its thick consistency. In this instance, dabbing the distillate is better than smoking it.

But if you prefer smoking it instead of dabbing it, there does exists Delta 8 flower, which is Delta 8 distillate mixed with CBD flower.

Benefits of Delta 8 Distillate

Delta 8 distillate has a higher THC content than most other concentrates, which makes its effects more intense and longer-lasting.

Delta 8 distillate is made with lab-tested cannabis oil that has been cleaned and filtered several times. Delta 8 distillate is distilled from cannabis flowers using ethanol instead of butane, resulting in a product that’s contaminant-free.

Those who use Delta 8 distillate claim certain benefits such as enhanced physical and mental performance.

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