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CBD For Skin: 4 Things To Know

CBD products have taken the market by storm. You can find cannabidiol (CBD) in almost every product, including beauty essentials from lip balms and masks to sunscreen, and moisturizers, and for a good reason. CBD is an active ingredient obtained from cannabis plants. CBD can be obtained from hemp and medical marijuana. These plants have tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and CBD, which are the primary active ingredients in CBD products. CBD is a beneficial ingredient, whereas THC is a psychoactive one.

CBD is touted to have a plethora of benefits, and some of them concern the skin. This article serves as a guide on how using CBD can be rewarding to your skin. Once you are aware of the perks, you can go to a trusted provider of CBD products like and try for yourself how CBD can be a staple in your vanity table.

1. Does CBD Work For Skin

To remove any doubt, the short answer is yes. CBD products work effectively on the skin. However, CBD isn’t the cure for all skin conditions. For one, CBD does not cure cancer. Fortunately, there’s evidence that CBD products help improve insomnia, muscle spasticity, fibromyalgia pain, skin conditions, and anxiety.

Various reports show that oral CBD products are ideal for relieving pain and anxiety as well as improving sleep. However, the same can’t be said for CBD skin products. This is due to the fake products present in the market. With minimal regulation on CBD products, the industry has seen a rise in imposters. In other words, CBD products can be ideal for treating and managing various skin conditions, but this doesn’t mean all products with CBD can provide you with the best skin ever.

Not all CBD products available in the market contain the recommended amount of CBD. Face products that are said to have CBD oil should have a minimum of 1% CBD for the effect to be noticeable. While this amount may not sound like a lot, you’ll be surprised by how small amounts of CBD is present in some of products. The price can clue you in regarding the amount of CBD used in a product. It would be best to be skeptical of any affordable CBD product, as products with sufficient amounts of CBD are expensive. Cheap CBD products may not contain CBD at all, with 60% of the products mislabeled. It’s the industry’s lack of regulations that has made it easy for shysters to make away with mislabeling their products.

CBD skincare products

Consider settling for certified CBD skincare products since they’re tested and verified by a third party. By using such products, you’ll be able to uplift your skin health and overcome various skin conditions. When choosing a CBD skin care product, go for one with less than 0.3% THC, certified by a third-party, and passed pesticide, heavy metal, microbe, and mold tests. Furthermore, ensure that the product isn’t subjected to FDA warning letters and passed potency evaluations and safety tests.

2. What Are The Benefits of CBD for Skin

CBD oil is beneficial for various skin conditions, including:


When it comes to skin diseases, acne is by far the most common. Fortunately, you can improve your acne with the help of CBD oil thanks to its antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and oil-reducing properties.

Sebum is a waxy and oily substance produced by the skin, and it helps protect the skin; however, when produced in excess, it can cause acne. Using CBD oil helps in preventing sebocytes from producing sebum in excess.

In addition, CBD’s antifungal and antibacterial properties help prevent acne from developing as a result of infection. Moreover, CBD is ideal for treating acne scars on your skin.

Wrinkles and Aging

Oxidative stress is associated with aging. CBD’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties help in protecting the skin against appearing aged. For this reason, many skin care products nowadays have CBD oil as one of their major ingredients.

Itching and Dryness

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory property, CBD is vital in treating common symptoms of various skin conditions, such as itching and dryness. This property is essential when it comes to reducing dermatitis, psoriasis, and eczema allergens.

Furthermore, CBD oil helps in soothing the skin and preventing itching, making it ideal for use among individuals with sensitive skin.


CBD oil’s antifungal and antibacterial properties make it perfect for treating various skin infections.

How To Use CBD Skin Products

As the name suggests, CBD skin products are designed for your skin. However, applications will differ depending on the type of product you use. When using spray, serum, mask, cleanser, or moisturizer, you can apply them the same way you do any other regular skin product. Nonetheless, you may want to err on the side of caution and follow the directions as instructed on the label.

When trying a CBD skin product for the first time, go through the packaging and determine how often you should use it, how to apply it, and the right amount to use. Most users apply CBD beauty products and oil directly on their skin without experiencing any issues.

Most CBD skin products are in the form of creams or serums, and you can use them as your normal skin products. Layer your skin products from thin to thick with serum products applied before creams.

That said, you shouldn’t self-diagnose any skin condition. Always go through the packaging, understand the ingredients used, and confirm with your doctor if it’s safe for use before trying it out.

4. What Does CBD Do in Skincare?

Aestheticians and skin product manufacturers acknowledge the use of CBD oil for its antioxidants that help in skin rejuvenation and low comedogenic factor. Unlike most oils used in skincare products, CBD oils don’t clog skin pores. This makes it ideal for skin regeneration compared with vitamin C and moisturizes the skin more than Vitamin E.

Although you can say the same for marula, squalene, or sea buckthorn oils, CBD oils offer more than what these products have in store. Unlike these oil products, CBD oil offers anti-inflammatory properties. Cannabinoids offer help when the immune system overreacts. While it might sound strange, the immune system tends to perceive minor threats as major ones, overreacting to the issue when all it had to do was send a warning. CBD oil works by calling off the immune system when it becomes too hyper. It’s through this reaction that CBD oil helps manage issues such as insomnia, arthritis, and anxiety. Additionally, this effect makes CBD ideal for treating sensitive skin and various issues such as redness, chronic dryness, rosacea, persistent acne, and eczema.


The popularity of CBD has been attributed to its ability to do almost everything. Due to this attribute, most people have turned to CBD in treating various illnesses, from insomnia and anxiety to skin problems. Manufacturers use CBD in their products since it’s cost effective and offers various benefits to the skin.

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